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Madeline Evans A.K.A Siren
File-m evans
V.P. of Hall of Scorn
Important Information
Gender Female
Family None Known
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Hair
Height 5ft 11in
Affiliation Villains
Powers See "Powers"
Species Mutant
Base Hall of Scorn
Quests N/A


Madeline is bossy and snobby. You don't want her as your enemy.


Madeline was born on November 7, 1989 in Beverly Hills, California. She grew up in the lap of luxury with maids and butlers catering to her every need. Throughout her life she has been musically inclined, so at her 13th birthday party she sang a song to all of her party guests. After the song ended they looked like they were in a trance. She used this to her advantage and eventually officially became a super villain. After that her powers developed rapidly. She began to be alb e to grow falcon wings and fly and deafen people with her voice.


1) Can send out a scream so loud it deafens enemies for a period of time

2) Can sprout giant falcon wings and fly

3) Can hypnotize people with her voice

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