DC Comics Roleplaying Wiki

New to DC Comics Roleplaying Wiki? If yes, this is the place for you! This guide will hopefully teach you the ins and the outs of DC Comics Roleplaying Wiki!

Step 1: Create an Account[]

First things first, you have to create a Wikia Account. Go to the top left corner and click either "Log In" or "Sign Up". Click the button that refers to you. If your new click Sign Up and go through the sign up process. After that you can create a character.

Step 2: Create a Character[]

After you've created an account, I'm guessing you want to create a character. To do this go to either Create a Hero or Create a Villain. In the search bar thing type what you want to name your character then a dash then their mutant codename. It should look like this: "Name - MutantCodename". When your in your created character's forum page make sure it says "forum page" underneath the page's name. It should look like this: Character Name and next to that it should say Forum Page. Now your ready to create your character. You should follow these guidelines:


Mutant Codename:

Powers (Be Resonable):





Once your character is approved you're ready to make their character page!

Step 3: Creating a Character Page[]

After your character has been aproved you can make a character page! Go to "Create New Page" and then title it The Real Name of Your Character not their Mutant Codename. Insert the Template Template:Character Infobox and insert as much information as possible. Note their "Base" is their super group's HQ, so write for example Base: Justice League HQ. After that put in their history, powers, and personality and your ready to go.

Step 4: Creating a Speech Bubble[]


Step 5: Roleplaying[]


Hope this helps! Dj318 19:29, March 12, 2012 (UTC)