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Create a Hero

Welcome to the Approval Room. Here you will create your character(s). Please wait until your claim is approved, and do not make a page without approval. Please look at the examples to know what template to insert in your forum post.

How it all works: User levels

Entry Level - You're a new member. You may only have 1 character.
Level 1 - You've been here for 1 week. You may have 2 characters.
Level 2 - You've been here for 2 weeks. You may have 4 characters.
Level 3 - You've been here for 3 weeks. You may have 6 characters.
Level 4 - You've been here for 4 weeks. You may have 8 characters.
Level 5 - You've been here for 5 weeks. You may have 10 characters.

Info you must have in your Approval Request.

  1. Name:
  2. Mutant Codename
  3. Personality:
  4. History:
  5. Appearance:
  6. Team:

The Following can Approve your Requests.

  1. Dj318

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New Mutants

New Heroes

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