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Allyson Blake A.K.A Shadow Queen
File-a blake
President of Hall of Virtue
Important Information
Gender Female
Family None Known
Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Height 5ft 7in
Affiliation Heroes
Powers See "Powers"
Species Mutant
Base Hall of Virtue
Quests None


Allyson Blake was born on August 12, 1988 in Tampa, Florida. Ally was the nice, sweet, popular girl growing up and even in high school. She never knew she had mutant abilities until she was 16 and got so mad at her mom she was got wrapped up in shadows. Allyson was in a state of panic now, she din't mean to hurt her mom. As soon as her sympathy kicked in the shadows disappeared and her mom was saved. After this occurance her powers began to develop and she discovered that she could summon shadow creatures to help her, she could transform into a shadow demon and fly, and could create weapons out of shadows. She then thought she should use her powers for the good of society and defeat the evil.


Allyson is a very caring person and loves to help.


1) Can summon creatures from the dead to help her

2) Can turn into a shadow demon and fly

3) Can entangle enemies in shadows

4) Can create weapons out of shadows

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